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I dont know weither to apologize or tell you to fuck off or somewhere in between… I get why your mad but this seems like an over reaction. You think youre so blunt and straight forward but youre not. youre being unrealistic and driving everyone away. Dont tell me I need to move back home and drop out of college, dont tell me you can find me a job, dont invite me to stay with you just to kick me out. youre not interested in being my friend. youre only interest is you and your struggle. you have to realize there are other people on your side trying to help you, but we have our own different struggles. none of us are perfect and you gotta give us a break sometimes. youre gunna end up alone if you cant find a way to relax. i love you but you really hurt my feelings today. you dont trust me at all. you acused me of too many things you had no reason to. you dont trust your babys daddy. youre making your own life harder for yourself and I dont think I can help you. you expect so much from people and u demand it on your schedule. you need to stop holding the past against everyone or find new people to surround yourself with. youre holding against me things we did together. and you insinuate worse without ever giving me a chance. you dont want to trust me, dont pretend. Ill spend my spring break with people who like me, people I dont have to prove anything to or hide anything from. I was honest with you, I tried to be as helpful and understanding as possable. I babysat, changed diapers, ran errands, loaded the dishwasher and if you had let me stay for more than a day i would have helped you clean and unpack. i was honest with you about where I am in life. aparently you have a zero tolerance policy. I know I have control issues but I would never kick you out of my home. I understand its not easy. but neither of us need this extra drama. Ill just give you your space. hit me up in another year or two when youre ready to let people in. ugh. this is why i have no friends








you forget to cherish it


Yes. lol


did Mona Lisa know she was gonna become the illest art bitch of all time or like???